Wednesday, May 28th, 2008


BLAZING HOT is the word for the day (okay, two words). Five minutes after a shower you are feeling the heat again. Our warmest stop and our most southern on this itinerary for that matter.


Corfu is a town that exists for its seaport. Jean had been here a few times many, many years ago and it has gone from a small fishing village to a major tourist stop for cruises as well as a holiday location for Europeans – especially those from England (ie. One of the reasons my mother first came here)… who knew that she was breaking ground?!


Jean and Kathleen’s excursion for the day included a panoramic view of Corfu from the hilltop village of Lakones. They also stopped at a local distillery that produces an island favorite, Koum Kouat Liqueur. They enjoyed their ride very much. jbom and I had an entirely different day as our excursion was cancelled.


We got a letter from the Destinations Office on the ship informing us that due to lack of participation (14 confirmed of the 25 needed for the minimum participation), they had cancelled our excursion: A Taste of Corfu. And I was sooooo looking forward to this day! We were to travel to the town of Tebloni and visit a local restaurant and participate in a cooking lesson of traditional Greek food. Now I know that we all have eaten at local Greek restaurants at home, but there is some very special about being in Greece and having the little old ladies and men show you “how it is done properly”.


So you ask: “well, what did you do instead?” Well, the other excursions didn’t really appeal to us, so we decided to go into Corfu Town and have a walk around. Our walk around turned into 8 miles… or that is what we are estimating. And remember the hot temperatures I mentioned… well, jbom was not a happy camper 20 minutes into the “walk to town”. It was blazing hot!!!!!! So we ducked into a local grocery store and bought a good size bottle of water that we drank on our way.


Once we did get into the good part of town (for the record, jbom didn’t think that any part was good), we were under tree lined streets which cut down on the heat considerably. And remember how I mentioned that the English were here in droves, well there was a Marks & Spencer department store, a staple of any local British community, on the main street. We ducked in and had a look hoping for their food stalls which jbom fell in love with on our first trip to London… but no, just clothing was sold. Another disappointment.


So we continued our “lovely” walk around the area. It was too early for lunch, so we kept on our walk and came across the Old Fort. We paid our 6 Euros each and had a look around. Admittedly a big disappointment. Lots of overgrown this and that… no explanation for much of anything… just ruins. I guess that we take it for granted that the National Parks Service in the good ‘ol USA does a very, very good job when it comes to our national monuments and places of interest. I know from personal experience that we offer guidebooks in several languages, Italian included, they usually have leaflets available in many languages if you don’t want to buy the guide book. Nothing remotely like this has been available in Italy so far.


So we bailed the Old Fort and headed back to the ship to take another shower and cool down (in many ways). All in all about 8 miles, I think, although it could have been more. I jumped in the pool when we got back and it was not the best day to be honest. But hey, they all can’t be spectacular!