Tuesday, May 27th, 2008


The best thing about Kotor, Montenegro for me was the arrival into the city… a long, winding ride with small villages dotting the hillside from both sides. Kotor is in a protected area at the end of a long inlet that took us about 30 minutes to sail at a slow to moderate pace. Knots, the appropriate sailing term, well, I would guess about 10 knots at most.


Kotor also reminded me of a Swiss Family Robinson motif… with Swiss-style chalet residences dotting the hillside along with groupings of quaint building as church steeple’s shoot up towards Heaven from time to time. I wonder what possessed people that originally inhabited the area to go through such a hardship to locate in this area… besides its beauty as it is so remote. The winter’s snow must really isolate this area except for its access to the waterway – which I do not believe freezes over.


jbom and I spent the day on the ship to take a day off from excursions. Jean and Kathleen enjoyed a nice scenic drive around Kotor to hill top vistas with wonderful views. They also had a good bit of time in the town to walk around and see the shops. They both enjoyed the area very much.


Interestingly, they most notably remarked to us that the local guide had lamented to them that the wealthy Russians are flooding into the area and buying up all of the property: houses, land, etc. Recently, a group of Russians purchased the area’s ClubMed and promptly proceeded to shut it down. I imagine that they will turn it into a private resort for fellow Russians as an excusive type of club. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming… back.


Tuesday evening we all got together and enjoyed a meal at TOSCANA, the Italian restaurant on the ship. This was number 2 of our 4 exclusive nights at the two restaurants. Toscana was a really lovely experience and we had a great Italian meal as we sailed out of Kotor, heading for Corfu, Greece.


The weather, was again, ideal… we have enjoyed very good weather and we all hope our luck continues!