Tomorrow is a big, big day! I never thought that I’d get this opportunity so soon – but I am off to Sydney tomorrow! My cousin is currently working in Sydney on a two-year work assignment and so I thought that JB (my husband) and I would venture off Down Under!

it is exciting, no doubt. Ian lives with his wife in Mosman which is just over the bridge on the north side of Sydney harbor. They originally were in the city near the Opera House, but with family descending, they knew that they needed to upgrade to larger accommodations. So we are the first to visit as they arrived last December and I think that they are as excited as we are to have some visitors.

The only rub is that my darling husband (JB) herniated his lower back about 4+ weeks ago. Consequently after an MRI, and a few trips to the doctor, he is not fit to travel. He needs to stay home in case anything further happens to him and then he is not thousands of miles away in Australia waiting to be airlifted home.

My mother, Jean, quickly put her hand up as my “back up”. If you’ve ready my blog to Italy, my mother came along with JB and I along with a girlfriend – so fortunately we’ve traveled together recently. And although certaininly not the same, it will be great to travel with someone. So, not the best, but the best back-up situation.

Need to wrap up work, go home and do laundry and pack! I finally got my guidebook today / I am so woefully behind on trip planning!!!! Oh well… lots of time on the plane to read tomorrow! Can’t wait to post our adventures!!!!!