In my limited time to prepare for my trip, the one thing that I knew that Sydney was known for are it’s beaches. Miles and miles and miles of them. I keep saying that the area is just like Laguna Beach in Southern California with harbors like those found on the North Shore of Boston and it is… the only difference is that these beaches and harbors go on and on and on for miles. I cannot stop remarking on the incredible scenery even while dodging rain (again).

Children are everywhere and it the community of Manley spans generations. But the children rule and run amok here. Children are taught water safety from an early age as it surrounds them. We saw the Little Nippers water safety class being conducted right on the beach in Manley. The little ones with their mini wetsuits on… three, four, five years of age and up learning how to surf properly by adult instructors. It is a lifestyle here and everyone participates. If the kids are not in the water, they are on the beautiful beach. If they are not on the beach then they are on the boardwalk racing their razors up and down, back and forth dodging parents, dogs and eachother…. oh and us!

Truthfully this is a bank holiday, Labor Day here. It is also the weekend for he Manley Jazz Festival, so as we walked around the boardwalk and around the town, jazz music was everywhere. The weather dried up for most of the afternoon (Hallelujah!) so we managed not to open the umbrellas. We took a break by the boardwalk and shared lunch under a heated patio listening to he big band playing just a short distance away.

Afterwards we walked around a bit further to the other side of Manley and took a walk around the pier past the water shuttle stop. We sat and enjoyed a drink outside (no rain) and the sun came out :-). It was lovely just taking in the scenery and the sun!

We are back now at the house. Our plans to eat dinner on the terrace were dashed when the rain came again.. so we are all inside now. The weather is due to improve tomorrow (hopefully). As for dinner, per Mum’s request, we are having sausages with mash and peas… oh so traditionally English!

As for tomorrow, Ian is back at work, so not sure what adventures Jenny has in store for us!