Just a quick post for this entry as we spent the day at the Toronga Zoo just minutes from my cousin’s apartment. The day was great — ie no rain whatsoever — which has been a real blessing as every day we’ve been here it has poured at one point or another.

The zoo is quite good and we saw lots of native animals to Australia and I’ll post the pictures as soon as possible as my computer is woefully slow and I figure that this blog content is more important than the pictures. So for now you will have to use your imagination. The Toronga Zoo is undergoing a massive rennovation and they look to be about 80 percent done. The zoo has been updated with larger areas for the animals and new, cleaner and more modern facilities for everyone. What draws everyone to the zoo is that it is in Mosman and cliffside with the most incredible views of Sydney. Again, please use your imagination for now (sorry).

As you enter the zoo you are at the top and throughout your visit you work your way down the cliffside taking stairs, ramps, escalators and ramps. You start with the smaller animals such as birds and as you wind your way down throughout the day you see the larger and larger animals that are the biggest draw. Toronga Zoo is also home to koala bears and for an extra $20 (or so), you get a one on one experience with them. I didn’t choose to have this experience, but I know from watching the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown, you dawn a white plastic rain poncho and wear gloves and a mask for your encounter. It is not for your protection, but for the protection of the koala bears as they are very susceptible to disease.

At the bottom of the zoo are the elephants which we missed. There is a recent baby elephant to the community and they are the largest draw. We were able to see the adult elephants on our way up the cliff as we ascended via gondola to the main entrance. The ride up took about 5 minutes and it was quite spectacular. It was a beautiful sunny day and a wonderful experience.