Finally some sun… so much sun that we didn’t take an umbrella (“brolley” here) out with us. Mum needed a bit of a rest from all the walking around, so she stayed behind as Jen and I had a busy day out and about.

We started at the Sydney Fish Market in the morning… oh sooooo cool! The Sydney Fish Market is on the other side of the Sydney Harbor and quite a large facility of independent fish mongers and food stalls galore — as I understand it, the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere. So Jenny and I were off in the mid-morning. The Fish Market was pretty quiet, but it was Wednesday, so expected. The market is home to fish mongers that provide raw and cooked food. They have the raw in one area, much like a regular fish counter at a market, and another smaller part holds the cooked fish area where you can buy cooked fish and seafood and enjoy it at their seating area.

Jenny and I stopped by one of the larger fish mongers for a mooch around. The place is pretty darn big and has all the regular fish and seafood including shrimp of various sizes, tuna, swordfish, crab legs, salmon and the largest lobsters I’ve ever seen in my life. But one that will stay in my mind on this journey was the Moreton Bay Bug. The “bug” looks like a critter that is the size of a small lobster’s body, is ugly like a wood lice (really, oh really) and tastes a cross between a lobster and a crab (yes folks, I tasted it). It is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, but I promised myself that I would be open to new adventures and try new things… and well, I’ve definitely stepped up to the plate on this one! A suggestion if you ever have the opportunity to try one is to just eat it and not look at it!

Having fufilled my “trying new things” requirement (eat your heart out Anthony Bourdain!), we moved on to octopus. We had a (cooked) spicy baby octupus with spring onion dish — it needed a little rice to ward off the spicyness… but it was pretty darn good once you got all the legs in your mouth 😉 We couldn’t eat the whole dish between us, so we took it “to go”, but honestly it ended up in the garbage bin on the way out the door to the car as we were afraid that it would stink up the car!

But before we left we had a look around the gourmet grocery and the kitchen supply place that was onsite. Australian’s (apparently) like their mayonaisse sweet… sweet like Miracle Whip at home. Yes, the gross stuff. Not the lovely tast of Helmann’s mayo. Jenny has bought so many jars of mayo just to find that each one is sweet and oh so gross… so much money down the drain… but that is part of the experience of living in a different land. So when Jenny and I came across a $8 jar of mayo that looked promising, we took a chance. Later when we got home we had a blind taste test and fortunately it didn’t turn out to be that bad!

So onward and upward… we left the Fish Market and headed a short distance to the Darling Harbour (proper english spelling for harbor) area for a look around. The Darling Harbour was developed in part for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The harbor is the next one down from the Sydney Quay (pronounced “key”) which is the main entry point to Sydney for the ferries. The area lends itself to a great place to hang out on the evenings and weekends. Per Jenny it is definitely a meet-and-greet area. The area is lovely as the harbor is a combination of the Maritime Museum, The IMAX theatre, private yachts (and I mean some of the coolest yachts), and promenades where people just hang out.

After a shared bite to eat at one of the waterside establishments, we walked around the area and came across a street performer — actually a female contortionist doing an act where she got herself into a box 16″x16″. No kidding… we saw it all and it was quite freaky… not just because of the act, but because she was a very normal looking female (mid-20s we suspected) that was out there earning a dime. She was very professional and did a great job. It is also pretty lucrative, as we think she clears several (and I mean) several hundred dollars after each act with everyone watching her. Granted, this is not a long term career for her (or anyone), but she “worked it” very well and earned every penny for what it is worth.

So onward and upward, after a bit further of a mooch we got back into the car and headed off on errands. We went to Dan Murphy’s which is a chain of adult beverage stores… just like England, you cannot buy alcohol in a grocery store and have to go to a special establishment. Dan Murphy’s is very cool and they even have their own wine bags that hold multiple bottles… kind of like the Whole Foods bags… nice little souvineers for friends to take home with me and they pack oh so well!

After Dan Murphy’s we went on an errand for my mother to bulk up her wardrobe… when packing at home she focused more on the Spring here and less on the fact that they are coming out of Winter. She woefully underpacked, so I found her a great fleece jacket which she hasn’t taken off since I gave it to her last night! Oh the benefits of the Southern Hemisphere as they are coming out of Winter and everything is on sale as we approach it!