This is the last day in Sydney for us before we escape to Mollymook on our Friday, a beach town about 3 hours south of Sydney. We’ve rented a beach house right outside of Mollymook for a long weekend (Friday thru Monday). So before I head off and you won’t hear from me for a few days, here’s what happened today. It was supposed to be a bit leisurely and uneventful, but oh it didn’t turn out quite like that!

Mum, Jen and I headed out via local bus and then ferry from the Mosman Harbor to Circular Quay (the Sydney Ferry terminal). All went well, except we missed the bus by about a minute, so we stood in the brisk (and I mean brisk) wind in downtown Mosman for the next one for about 20 minutes. Uneventful thereafter, it wasn’t until the captain on the ferry came on the loudspeaker as we approached the Sydney Ferry Terminal announcing their apologies for the last ferry being out of service. All the way to the city center (about 15 minutes on the ferry), it was windy and the water was very choppy. So in the end it didn’t matter that we didn’t make that initial bus to the harbor as we would have waited it out for the one that we eventually ended up on.

Onward and literally upward we took a cab to the Sydney Tower. After we arrived we decided to wait a while further and have lunch in the restaurant at the top of the tower as it was overall a better choice financially than just going to the observation deck. We mooched around John Lewis, similar to Nordstrom’s adjacent to the Sydney Tower until our time to ascend the Tower for lunch and the view.

The view is well, spectacular. I managed to post a few photos to my Facebook account via my iPhone, so have a look when you get a chance. Fortunately the day cleared up and we really enjoyed the views from the top. The buffet lunch was quite good and had all sorts of international options. We had a really lovely time at the top……

….until the observation deck stopped moving. The observation deck seating area is on a platform that rotates very slowly — about one full rotation around the city per hour. So about 1-1/2 rotations into the adventure, the platform stopped moving. And then the manager came around and told us to take our time as the elevators have stopped due to the wind. Apparently this is pretty unusual and doesn’t happen very often at all. So… I didn’t want to be a little worried… but I was… as we didn’t want to get stuck at the top of the tower (all 76 floors of it). So… we had to be patient and wait it out. Which we did for another hour or so. Finally the manager said we could use the elevators and recommend that we high tail it to them as there was concern that the elevator would shut down again for safety. So… obviously… we quickly made our departure.

Once back on terra firma we located a taxi quickly and planned to take it to the harbor to get the ferry, but due to the swells and the wind, all of the ferries were not operating. Oh joy…. so after a quick conversation we just too the taxi back to Mosman and we were literally at Ian and Jen’s within 15 minutes. I was a good, $30 (AUS) choice — about $26 USA instead of getting home hours later with the crush of people on the bus. Good, good choice.

So the day turned out very well, but if you ever find yourself in Sydney, I’d recommend that you do not consider the Sydney Tower when it is windy!!!!!