The is my first adventure into blogging. I have been watching from afar for quite some time… seeing if it was right for me… and now I am jumping into the deep end. Why you ask? Well, “it’s my first Five Year Trip”, is the answer!

When my husband, jbom, and I got married we decided (okay, well “I” decided) that we were going to take a big trip every 5 years to celebrate that we had, well, made it another 5 years. As we are approaching our 5th anniversary at the end of June 08, this will be our first Five Year Trip since our honeymoon to Alaska.

We are not known for taking big vacations every year… our careers kind of get in the way and it is difficult for us to take more than 5 days at a time. The ways of the corporate world today dictate that if you want to succeed in your career, or even maintain it for that matter, you have to be available. And being available means: in person or if not in person, then by email, cell phone and/or now via today’s “smartphone.”

A smartphone for all of those not in the know, is a cellphone with email and web capability. The most important part of a good smartphone is the keyboard so you can freely email back and forth with your colleagues while you are “poolside”. The term “poolside” in my world refers to any location that does not place you in the office or onsite – working on a project. 

I remember a time when I was “up and coming” within my company and the only way that I could truly escape was to go to England to visit my family. No one could reach me there… cellphones were not that sophisticated and email hadn’t yet reached over The Pond. Colleagues would go Up North knowing that cellphone towers had not breeched the area and they could lazily enjoy their Summer holidays in their boats on the lake. But no more. 

So we now do the best we can. Our first Five Year Trip will include a smaller laptop sufficent for doing longer emails and surfing the web. I will also have my smartphone in hand and will check it from time to time during the day. Before I bought the phone I checked to make sure that I was on the GSM network in Europe. Check.

It is important to note, that even though I will carry this “capability” with me for our two weeks in Italy, I know that I would have never gotten out of the office door for this kind of time “off” (so to speak) without it. And being the glutton for punishment that I am, I will be happy that I have it with me.